Thursday, 31 January 2013

Versailles - I will always wonder...

The next morning, Becky called and we followed up on our tentative plans to visit Versailles. Because she already lived out that way, we were going to meet at the palace and tour the giant estate. I took the train out and found her eventually. Because I had told her that I finished my book, she gave me one she was done with, which I put in my bag. The palace was massive. We toured one little wing of it, and then wandered through the gardens and fountains and the surrounding farms. It was a nice opportunity to chat and the farms were far enough from everything that it felt like I had escaped anything touristy.

We left Versailles and drove through her adopted hometown, where we walked a little tour, and eventually ended up at the train station. The train showed up, we said goodbye, and I hopped on back to the city.

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